Mission Point Ministry

The heart and soul of each EPPIC Journey (EJ) is the Mission Point Ministry. Each mission point represents a new church that is being planted or a fledgling church that is being strengthened. After the mission point pastors have been properly equipped through the TCCP and the Bible Seminar, the Mission Point Ministry helps them jump start their new or fledgling churches. This is accomplished by each EJ team member spending a minimum of four days providing missionary (i.e., evangelism) support to at least two mission points during each EJ. These four days are truly a life-changing experience that the EJ team members cherish for the rest of their lives. The details of how this ministry is conducted are provided below.

Prior to departing the U.S., the EJ team members are trained in presenting the gospel using the EvangeCube and organized into two-person missionary teams. During the EJís opening ceremony, each missionary team is linked up with their interpreters (one for each U.S. missionary), assigned their first mission point, and introduced to their mission point pastor. Each missionary team spends the next two days ministering at their first mission point. A normal day of ministry at a mission point consists of spending the morning and early afternoon going from hut to hut and from tree to tree, sharing the gospel and leading people to Christ. Occasionally a missionary team member will even be given the opportunity to share the gospel with a larger audience, such as an entire elementary school, as was the case in the video below.

This next video captures the impact of this ministry. Those who sincerely prayed to receive Christ were asked to raise their hands.

In order to maximize the number of churches being planted, national missionaries are brought in to work in conjunction with the U.S. missionary teams. Those mission points not manned by a U.S. missionary team are assisted by a national missionary. On the morning of the third day of the Mission Point Ministry, the U.S. missionary teams and the national missionaries begin working at their second mission point. This gives each U.S. missionary the privilege of assisting in the planting of at least two new churches during each EPPIC Journey. Sometimes the schedule will allow each U.S. missionary team to spend more than two days at each of their two mission points or even support a third mission point, but the minimum will always be at least two days at each of their two assigned mission points. The Mission Point Ministry concludes with a closing ceremony, which is a time of great celebration and Spirit-led worship.

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