Ministry Model

Our Ministry Model is based on identifying and equipping local national pastors who are being led by the Lord to plant new churches and then mobilizing short-term mission teams to assist them in planting those new indigenous churches. Accountability with these pastors by means of a ministry covenant is established at the beginning of the process and extends for two years from the date the U.S. missionaries return home.

We believe that planting spiritually healthy churches is impossible without first making the investment to equip the local pastors who will lead them. We also believe that we have a biblical responsibility to be good stewards of God’s resources by doing everything humanly possible to ensure that the extensive resources required to conduct an EPPIC Journey will result in spiritually healthy New Testament churches being planted. This is not possible unless each of those churches has a pastor who has been equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively win and disciple new believers.

The Ministry Model which follows is designed to achieve our Vision, which is to see a spiritually healthy New Testament church in every village around the world.

EJ Day – 12 Months Work with the target country’s National Director (ND)
to choose the EPPIC Journey (EJ) location and dates.

EJ Team Leader begins recruiting team members and
initiates prayer ministry.
EJ Day – 8 to 12 Months Conduct Training Center for Church Planters (TCCP)
Start-up Conference.

Conduct Leadership Development Conference (LDC)
(Mission points and ministry covenant established).
EJ Day – 7 Months Start TCCP Classes (Takes 6 months to complete).
EJ Day – 6 Months EJ Team Leader conducts initial training.
EJ Day – 3 to 4 Months Conduct Pre-Journey Follow-up Visit #1 (Mission points
finalized and initial planning for Bible Seminar done).

First half of EJ funds due.
EJ Day – 3 Months EJ Team Leader conducts second training session.
EJ Day – 1 to 2 Months Conduct Pre-Journey Follow-up Visit #2 (Final planning
and coordination for Bible Seminar and EJ).
EJ Day – 1 Month EJ Team Leader conducts final training.

Second half of EJ funds due.
EJ Day – 1 Week Conduct Bible Seminar (Forty-hour intensive study on "The
Theological Foundations of Effective Ministry").
EJ Day to EJ Day + 12 Conduct EPPIC Journey (U.S. Team usually departs on
Saturday and returns Wednesday week – 12 days in total
with 8 being week days). This timeline may vary (i.e., be
shorter) for EJs to Central and South America. The heart
and soul of each EJ is the Mission Point Ministry.
EJ Day + 6 Months Conduct Post-Journey Follow-up Visit #1.
EJ Day + 12 Months Conduct Post-Journey Follow-up Visit #2.
EJ Day + 24 Months Conduct Return Visit/Celebration Banquet.

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In just one week this team planted 24 new churches and lead 3,738 people to Christ

Using the EvangeCube to share the gospel is at the heart of every EPPIC Journey.

What a blessing to give these girls a new dress

Through encounters like this, hundreds come to Christ during each EPPIC Journey.

Bible Seminar Graduation Day – 62 Trained and 1,000 NTs Distributed

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying … "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them …" (Matt. 28:18-19).