Training Center for Church Planters (TCCP)

We believe that planting spiritually healthy churches is impossible without first making the investment to equip the local pastors who will lead them. That equipping begins with the establishment of a TCCP at the EPPIC Journey (EJ) location eight to twelve months prior to the U.S. team arriving in the country. In accordance with our Ministry Model, the national director travels to the EJ location and conducts a one-day TCCP Start-up Conference. During this conference, a TCCP Steering Committee is elected by the local national pastors in attendance, and a primary TCCP instructor is chosen.

The heart and soul of the TCCP is the Omega Course (Abridged Edition), which consists of 121 hours of instruction organized into one and two-hour lessons. These training materials are provided to the instructor who then receives instruction on how to teach the material to his future students (i.e., other local national pastors, many of whom are brand new to the ministry but have a God-given desire to plant a new church). The Omega Course is usually organized into six-hour training sessions consisting of five hours of instruction and one hour of mentoring with one of the more experienced pastors, such as those elected to the Steering Committee. This training is usually conducted on Saturdays over a six month period of time. The Omega Course is designed to give these new pastors the basic biblical and theological knowledge needed to win others to Christ and to begin the discipleship process. It is analogous to military basic training. In other words, it gives them the basic knowledge needed to begin performing the duties and responsibilities of a church plant pastor.

Every EJ Mission Point pastor is expected to be a graduate of TCCP. The challenge that we face is funding the expenses associated with maintaining each TCCP. Although the Start-up Conference and the cost of the instructor’s training materials are included in the budget of the EJ, funds are still needed to support the travel costs of the instructor and/or to provide him with a minimal gratuity in appreciation for the significant commitment of his time and energy. Funds are also needed to pay for the significant cost of reproducing copies of the training materials for the students. The goal is for the TCCP established during an EJ to continue training pastors in that area long after the EJ is finished.

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