Many children around the world have only one or two sets of clothes to wear day after day and week after week. They are often found wearing what we would consider rags. We want to give you the opportunity to help do something about this. Whether you sew or choose to help supply the fabric needed by those who do, this aspect of our ministry will enable you to touch the physical lives of needy children around the world and, in the process, show them the love of Christ.

If you are interested in making clothes for us to take to these needy children, please contact Patty Littlejohn at She will love helping you learn how you can get personally involved in making little shirts and dresses for these precious children.

If you would like to make a donation to help us purchase the fabric needed to make these little shirts and dresses, please click here.

In just one week this team planted 24 new churches and lead 3,738 people to Christ

The need is so great!

What a blessing to give these girls a new dress

If only we had enough for everyone…

Bible Seminar Graduation Day  62 Trained and 1,000 NTs Distributed

What a joy it is to bless children with new clothes!