"Go and make disciples ..."
Making disciples is at the core of what it means to be a Christian. Since this command from Christ begins with the word "Go," we invite you to join us on a future EPPIC Journey to help more precious lost souls pray to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as these two and 1,053 others did during our EPPIC Journey to Singida, Tanzania, in June 2016.
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Makuyuni, Tanzania, Jun 2017
During this EPPIC Journey, this team was instrumental in planting 12 churches, sharing the gospel with 1,970 people, and leading 1,111 of them to Christ! God also used them to distribute 3,000 Swahili NTs and clothe 73 children.

Equipping Pastors in Makuyuni
Seventeen pastors completed both the TCCP and the Bible Seminar. Fifteen pastors’ wives also completed the 40 hour Bible Seminar. All 32 students received a new Swahili Bible, and each of the 12 mission point pastors were also equipped with 100 Swahili NTs.

Welcome to EPPIC Ministries International

EPPIC is an acronym that stands for Equipping Pastors — Planting Indigenous Churches. These five words define the essence of this ministry and the order in which they are presented is not by chance. As our president explains in the introductory video below, we believe that planting spiritually healthy churches is impossible without first making the investment to equip the local pastors who will lead them. This deep rooted conviction permeates the heart and soul of this ministry. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to see you serving with us on the mission field in the near future.

Short-Term Missions – Long-Term Results

Churches Planted

Their Total Average Sunday Attendance

Total # They Have Led to Christ

Total # They Have Baptized

2nd Generation Churches Planted

106 3,570 7,073 2,449 7
Updated Monthly

EPPIC Results To Date: (June 2014 to Present)

Total # of People Presented the Gospel

Total # of People Led to Faith in Christ

Total # of Bibles Distrubuted

Total # of Pastors & Wives Trained

Total # of Children Clothed

34,045 18,183 22,404 188 & 80 1,523
Updated Monthly

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